Welcome to Big Deluxe Tattoo. We are a collection of full custom award-winning tattoo studios located in Salt Lake City, Utah. Big Deluxe Tattoo started as a small studio in downtown Salt Lake City in 1998. We have had the honor to have been able to share our art all over the world. Some of our artists have worked as far away as New Zealand, France, Spain, Germany, Amsterdam, Belgium, Italy, all throughout Central America, and even North Africa. Suffice to say we have traveled far and near to learn anything and everything we can to hone our craft. Here at Big Deluxe we make it our goal to be at the top of our industry and always striving to be better by continuing education, keeping up with the newest techniques, and using only top of the line supplies. We appreciate our customers and do our very best to go above and beyond with our customer service, not to mention always going far beyond the local standards of sterility to insure a clean and safe experience.