What Our Customers Are Saying

“This place seems like a great little haven. The aesthetic is awesome. Feels welcoming and delightfully odd-ball.”

- Craig B.

“Very helpful and friendly staff! very simple and easy to make an appointment and zero wait time for me! awesome experience 🖤.”

- Bryce K.

“Sam is the best always making it easy for me during the whole process of getting a tattoo .I’ve gotten 6 tattoos from him and they have came out amazing.”

- Marisol M.

“Started my sleeve here with Sam and he’s done an amazing job! Such a great artist, he understood and listened to the meaning I wanted behind it. Thank you again.”

- Shelby D.
“If you are looking for a personable artist who does insane work and can put your thoughts into a work of art Travis is your guy. He does INSANE work and the vibes are so personable and on point.”

- Shell R.

“If you’re looking for a fun, spunky time Sam is always my favorite! Always meets my expectations!! Will be back🖤😘 5 star kinda guy😏.”

- Megan C.

Kenny childs
“Great place!  Big Deluxe has been around for years and was one of the only few reputable places to get a tattoo back in the day.  I got a sleeve done there by Buddha and he did a killer job.  Everyone I met there while getting sleeved was good peeps.  Now days you can go anywhere in the valley to find a good artist, but Big Deluxe has the respect from years of experience that the other newer shops do't have. Go check them out.”

- Kenny Childs

Brittany baggot
“I initially called for more information and spoke to Paca who was so sweet, informative and just absolutely amazing.

When we came in we again worked with Paca to start with Billy doing our tattoos.

Billy was so great.  He was very professional, made sure we were all happy with our designs and placement multiple times before even starting.  Afterwards he made sure we understood our care instructions clearly.

When check out Paca made sure we were happy with everything and let us know we could call if we needed anything at all. 

10/10 would go back to Big Deluxe just for those two.”

- Brittany Baggot

Orion oldroyd
“Jesse is a talented piercer, and very respectful.  I appreciate his professionalism, and he's super cool.  He really listens to his clients, and I think it's an awesome environment.”

- Orion Oldroyd

Brooklyn hutto
“I love Randall Craig.  I've been working with him for years and he is just a delightful human with great talent.  All of the other people I've met there and worked with have been kind and professional.”

- Brooklyn Hutto

Ilya zatkin
“My wife and I walked in on a whim while visiting Salt Lake.  This was an excellent experience.  The folks at the shop worked to fit us in and find artists for us.  The wait wasn't too long, and the staff did a great job of making us feel comfortable and determining our desired designs.  The artist that worked with me was Dixon.  He did an awesome job of finalizing the design on the fly, and it turned out beautifully.”

- Ilya Zlatkin

Ryann bukowski
“Came here as a walk in, the customer service is next level.  Every last person was kind and attentive and my artist (McKay) was incredible.  Me and my friend went and got different tattoos with different artists and both had an absolutely stellar experience start to finish.”

- Ryann Bukowski

Jack gillespie
“I was visiting town and decided to add another piece to my collection.  Walked in after breakfast and got a 6pm appointment.  Billy was receptive to my idea, drew up 3 different versions and made a killer piece of art for me to enjoy forever.  Staff was friendly and engaging from the time I walked in to the final touches.

I will certainly pass the word around and come see these guys the next time I'm here.  Besides the world class service and super clean work area, the price was very reasonable.”

- Jack Gillespie

Celena whitehead
“Can not share enough about this shop and Rich D.  AMAZING artist.  He did my first tattoo (was a larger cascading back and sid piece) and is now working on my sleeve.  I gave him a baseline idea and he designed and colored as he saw fit.  I have gotten so many compliments on the design, the colors, and people asking where I got it done (both locally in Utah as well as on a international cruise I went on)

I could not be happier.  They are skilled here, friendly, and professional.  Highly recommend!”

- Celena Whitehead

Sydney donavan
“Afton was a great piercer! She made the experience very enjoyable and quick, providing ample info for cleaning and maintenance.  I would recommend them for piercings anytime!  Thanks Afton!”

- Sydney Donavan

Sara denkers
“This is a great place to get tattooed!  My go-to-artist is Danie who is AMAZING, especially with colorful traditional/neo-traditional styles.  The atmosphere was chill & relaxing and the staff was so friendly & accommodating.  Definetly recommend coming here!”

- Sara Denkers

Heidi murdock
"So, ya know how you go into the Dr. And there are nurses who are either really awesome at administering a shot while there are others that are just not as good?

WheLL, Jesse is like the piercer that is really f’ing good at his job and you end up being very thankful you were sent to him and not someone else.

Look, the guy is super chill. I’m pretty high strung, and just being around the guy is calming. He makes the experience of getting a piercing that you think is going to be excruciatingly painful.. a very quick, easy experience,  that is not nearly as bad as you thought it was going to be.
He’s good! Like really good and not only is he great at what he does, he’s dangerously handsome!

So, go to Big Deluxe! These folks work all day, into the late night, off a street known to get a ton of traffic.
Which means they are extremely good at what they do because they do have a ton of experience. Trust that experience! The prices are more than fair and they definitely have the skill."

- Heidi Murdock
Roya a
"Friendly staff and chill environment. Lots of great artists here. I went to Sam for a fix up on a tattoo i had and he blew it out of the water. I ended up returning for another a week later. He's very experienced and talented and takes the time to make sure I am happy and comfortable with the work. Can't wait for more!"

- Roya A
Beth deever
"A group of friends went for some spontaneous piercings at 10:30pm on a Saturday night and everyone was so good to us. Afton did my piercings. She was kind, accommodating, knowledgeable and encouraging. I have some skin issues so when I told her that i chose to speak to my dermatologist before getting another piercing she asked questions to understand, gave helpful advice and answered questions for me. She also encouraged me to come back if i have any problems. I highly recommend Big Deluxe Tattoo and Afton for piercings!!"

- Beth Deever
Joshua thompson
"My wife and I have gotten a few tattoos done here and have been more than happy with every single one. Travis is the artist I use, that did my coyote and he is amazing. If anyone asks me about tattoos this is the place I send them."

- Joshua Thompson
Halee murphy
"Had an amazing experience with Steve today! This was my first tattoo ever, plus I was a walk in. Steve was so nice and did exactly what I had imagined! He's a hoot and I'd love to work with him again. Thanks for helping start my tattoo fetish!"

- Halee Murphy
David mccoy
"Walked in Kurt had great customer service. Jesse was quick with my piercing and is a professional, five stars all around. . We’re coming back ☺️"

- David McCoy (David James)
Sammy rash
"I was recommended to go to Big Deluxe and I was not let down, Dj was awesome! He was very professional and down to earth. He took his time to make sure my piercings we center on my lobes didn’t rush at all. If you’re looking for someone to feel comfortable with, Dj is the guy!"

- Sammy Rash
Easton palmer
"Rich has tattooed 3 generations in my family! Me, my dad and most recently my grandma have all got some awesome work from him! Thanks Rich D!!!"

- Easton Palmer
Mikayla philipot
"If you want quality work done by the best artists in town, go here. If you want piercings that will last, go here. If you want the tattoo you've been thinking about for 4 years, go here. I am never disappointed with the work these amazing artists do. Huge shout out to Brighton for the incredible artwork I received. I cannot stress enough how incredibly this shop is!"

- Mikayla Philpot
Olivia atkinson
"I’ve come here a lot for impulse tattoos/piercings and consistently have such a good experience. I came in last minute for a double high nostril piercing and was really nervous. However, I got pierced by DJ and he made it such a smooth experience. He had attention to detail, helped lighten the mood so I wasn’t too nervous, and really knew what he was doing. Highly recommend."

- Olivia Atkinson
Serenity king
"Honestly some of the sweetest people I ever met, I have gotten a lot of different piercings and 2 tattoos from here. Honestly it’s possible going to be the only place I go for now on. The front counter people are always so helpful with any questions or concerns. The piercers are very careful and help you when you need to take a moment before the piercing. The tattoo artist are really caring and helpful when it comes to the process of the place, price, and how to take care of it. I love coming here and I am coming to keep on coming here for a long time!!"

- Serenity King
Erika marie
"I love this shop so much. I haven’t gone anywhere else since I found it 3 years ago. Everyone there is so kind and dedicated to making the space safe and comfortable. And that’s before I even get to that actual service. Every tattoo and piercing I’ve gotten here has been amazing. They provide a clean environment so you can feel that you are getting the highest quality experience. Travis specifically is my favorite artist. He’s able to design beautiful pieces with any idea you throw at him. Big Deluxe is the best shop in the valley, I’d recommend everyone check it out at least once. Thank you to everyone there for being the most genuine people I’ve had the pleasure of meeting!!"

- Erika Marie
Amber mirabal
"Aly and her team were AMAZING! Aly made me feel comfortable even though I wasn’t getting a service - my friend was. I would definitely go back just to see Aly! 😊"

- Amber Mirabal

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